Stigette's Free 2009 Calendar All we know is that she's called the Stigette  

The Mystery Of Stigette

There's not much to say about Stigette that hasn't been put on the "Some say..." list. But what we do know is that Stigette is not the Stig and is most definately not Big Stig, the Stig's African cousin, lorry driving Rig Stig or even the Russian Stigushka.

We could also speculate that Stigette is the female of the species, but that would be like saying that an orange is um... orange. Not even Stevie Wonder would miss that one.


Although Stigette's exact genus isn't clear, her species has been formally identified as Propero Essedarius by the Institute for Advanced Civilizations at the University of Atlantis.

The head of the institute, Professor Obadiah Bobblenob, thought it was "highly remarkable" that Stigette's legs reached all the way to the ground. This led to an argument with a fellow professor in the Astrophysics department about friction and gravity. Oddly though, most of the discussion centered around Stigette's chest.

We then observed a rather nasty disturbance in the space-time continuum as we showed the two professors Stigette's latest calendar. This apparently caused time to seem to pass really slowly. We thought they were just staring until we saw the drool. Ew...


Stigette has been rumored to have been seen in the Los Angeles area surrounded by the trappings of Hollywood and other luxurious things. This is in stark contrast to the rusty tin shed that the Stig is stored in at Dunsfold Park.

Top Gear's Transmission blog ran a story about various Stig-related web sites and Stigette's humble web site is listed at number three. See the "Going Stigital" blog entry.


Blessed are the Cheese Makers.